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NCT&I and LTN at the SIA of Paris 2019

For the SIA show (Salon International de L’Agriculture de Paris), New Caledonia Trade & Invest and LTN attend to afin de put forward les New Caledonia assets.

Les missions de NCT&I sont :

  • Help New Caledonian companies to develop their foreign markets
  • be the outsourced export service of New Caledonian companies in the context of prospecting and representation missions during exhibitions and economic missions abroad
  • Organize international economic missions
  • Organize the economic part of the diplomacy missions of the Government of New Caledonia
  • Prospect and welcome foreign investors in New Caledonia through networking with local economic partners
  • Promote New Caledonian products and services
  • To promote the business tourist destination through exhibitions and missions organized abroad in partnership with New Caledonia Tourism Point South.

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