Our main strength to take care of your goods


We manage all follow ups and also routing delays of your cargo


We bring our knowledge and our advice to your demand


We optimize all means put together in order to reduce our costs

Sea and Air Freight
For your routed cargo we can manage all steps trough. The service we offer is Quality.
Customs Clearance
We can assure all Custom’s operations and administrative formalities to be fulfilled for your cargo or your personal goods at the departure and on to arrival at destination.
Warehouse and Cartage Services
We can stock your cargo in our warehouses and also deliver them to destination.
SKYNET Worldwide Express New Caledonia
This national and international courier service is used by LTN/LTP for routing your documents, packets and parcels that you can also monitories it live on the Internet.
Are you moving to New Caledonia or Tahiti?
Along this process, for each step, we will be your only contact. We will look after everything, from packing boxes, to inland transport, customs clearance and delivery. We are here to offer our service, so there is no need for you to do any of this work.