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LTN participates in the construction of the largest solar power plant in France

North of Noumea, the small town of Boulouparis is now home to the largest solar power station with storage in France. It was inaugurated this Wednesday in New Caledonia, in this region particularly conducive to the development of solar.

The second phase of the park, Helio 2, which brings the total capacity of the facility to 30 megawatts, has 58,000 solar panels. It is equipped with a storage system of energy with batteries of 10 megawatts. The first tranche of the park was commissioned in 2017.
40,000 people benefit

“It’s the largest solar park with storage in France. It highlights the laboratory dimension of renewable energies, which is overseas and in particular New Caledonia, “said Stéfan Sontheimer, director of Total Quadran’s Pacific agency, which owns the plant whose cost is about 50 million euros.

We are proud to have participated, in the field of logistics, in the construction of this plant.